Pink Mountain's

Rare and Endangered Species

Parnassius eversmanni pinkensis female 4 resized drop

Parnassius eversmanni SSP pinkensis


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To find out more about our efforts to make Pink Mountain an Ecological Reserve, please contact Ron Long for more information:

Ron Long




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Latest News

Ron Long has just returned from a two week expedition to Pink Mountain, where he was able to photograph, catalog and map the positions of plant species on the summit plateau. Ron describes the wildflowers this year as being "spectacular".


 Help Us

Pink Mountain is just too unique and too special to be allowed to disappear forever. Your letters can help preserve an assembly of species that does not exist anywhere else in the province.

The Federation of British Columbia Naturalists has passed a resolution that asks the government to establish an Ecological Reserve on the South end of the Pink Mountain summit. By adding your voice to those of the thousands of federation members you can help make the reserve a reality.

Please write to our politicians in support of Pink Mountain.

We have provided a sample letter, which can be used as is. However your letter will be more effective if you rewrite the sample in your own words.

In your letter please make the points that Pink Mountain is unique, that an ecological reserve is needed, that the reserve will only occupy a portion of the Pink Mountain summit and that a new road to the summit is essential.

Thank you for your support. Together we can save this very special place.



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