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Rare and Endangered Species

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Parnassius eversmanni SSP pinkensis


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Ron Long has just returned from a two week expedition to Pink Mountain, where he was able to photograph, catalog and map the positions of plant species on the summit plateau. Ron describes the wildflowers this year as being "spectacular".


  Rare Species

 A geotagging program carried out as part of the Pink Mountain Biodiversity Research Initiave has identified a centre of diversity on the Pink Mountain summit that encloses just 2.2 square kilometers. Within that small area no less than 38 significantly rare species have been identified.



                                Flowering Plants - Twelve blue listed species

                                                             Grass - One red listed species

                                  Rushes - One red listed

                                    Sorrel - One red listed

                                      Moss - One red listed species

                                                 One blue listed species

                                                 Two first records for BC

                             Butterflies - Two blue listed species

                                                 One endemic subspecies

                                     Moths - Five blue listed

                             Mason Bee - One first record

                                   Spiders - Two second records for BC

                                                  One third record for BC

                                   Insects - One first record for BC

                                                  One first record for Canada

                                                  Two new to science species

                                       Birds - One blue listed species

                                Mammals - Two blue listed species






Endangered Plants

rare-species-endangered-plants-top-photoPink Mountain is special in many ways but it is the concentration of rare and rarely seen plants that makes it truly unique in British Columbia. BC rates the level of rarity in the province by a series of color-coded species lists. A Red Listed species is in immediate danger of extinction in the province. A blue listed species is severely threatened.


Finding a single red or blue listed species in an area is cause for great excitement and concern. On Pink Mountain four red listed and no less than thirteen blue listed plants have been recorded. The Conservation Data Centre in Victoria confirms that no other small site north of Vancouver is known to have as many listed plants. In addition we have eight first, second or third records for BC and Canada


It is of great concern that the summit of Pink Mountain may be completely destroyed along with it’s unique assembly of plants before we even know what is being lost.             

                                                                 Alo 600 copy

 Alopecurus alpinus - Alpine Foxtale is a grass that is red listed in British Columbia and is in danger of extinction in the province.

 Pink Mountain is its only know occurrence.




Polemonium boreale – Northern Jacob's Ladder. It is Blue listed and is known from only a few scattered collections in the far north of British Columbia. On Pink Mountain some small populations are secure while others grow on the roadsides and are threatened by traffic and road reconstruction.


Androsace chamaejasme copy

Androsace chamaejasme – Rock Jasmine. Blue listed



Androsace chamaejasme – Rock Jasmine. Is Blue listed and is known from only three locations in British Columbia.




Ranunculus pedatifidus - Birds-foot Buttercup is Blue listed and severely endangered on Pink Mountain by traffic and road reconstruction. Only one population is known and is located on the roadside.


Astragalus umbellatus blue 2

 Astragalus umbellatus is blue listed and was previously known from just a few locations in the far north of British Columbia. The Pink Mountain population represents a considerable range extension to the south.



Minuartia elegans - Elegant Stitchwort. it is Blue listed and was not known from Pink Mountain prior to the 2010 collection by Ron Long.



Silene involucrata - Arctic Campion. Blue listed. It is known from only four collections in British Columbia, two of which are from Pink Mountain. On Pink Mountain scattered individuals make up a low total number.



Oxytropis jordalii – Jordal’s Locoweed. Is Blue listed in the province but occurs in good numbers on Pink Mountain.


Additional Listed Plants: The following plants were collected on Pink Mountain in the past and specimens are located in the UBC herbarium but so far have not been rediscovered for photography. 

Rusty Wood Rush (Luzula rufescens)is blue listed and is severely endangered in British Columbia. It is only known to occur in three locations in this Province.

Northern Wood Rush (Luzula confusa) isblue listed and the 2010 collection by Ron Long on Pink Mountain represents a considerable extension to its previously know range.

Little Fescue Grass (Festuca minutiflora)is blue listed, Prior to a 2010 collection it was not previously known from Pink Mountain and this occurrence represents a large range extension.

Rock Sedge (Carex rupestris ssp drummondiana) is blue listed and prior to a 2010 collection by Ron Long was not known from Pink Mountain.

Grayleaf Draba (Draba cinerea) is blue listed is was not known from Pink Mountain prior to our 2013 collection.




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