Pink Mountain's

Rare and Endangered Species

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Parnassius eversmanni SSP pinkensis


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To find out more about our efforts to make Pink Mountain an Ecological Reserve, please contact Ron Long for more information:

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Ron Long has just returned from a two week expedition to Pink Mountain, where he was able to photograph, catalog and map the positions of plant species on the summit plateau. Ron describes the wildflowers this year as being "spectacular".


A Solution

We propose preserving an area extending in the south from the last switchback on the existing road, which is at 1500 meters and corresponds to the tree line, to a point just short of the first gas well to the north.

An Ecological Preserve would be more appropriate than creating an enlarged provincial park. While the park would attract more visitors and allow hunting an Ecological Preserve would fully protect the area while keeping it available for research.

threats-a-solution-Photo-1This preserve encloses most of the plants of interest, covers only about one third of the summit and leaves the entire northern two thirds of the summit for gas and wind development.

That being said the question of the appropriateness of any wind development on Pink Mountain needs close examination from an environmental and visual point of view.

The preserve also encloses all of the antennas on the highpoints of the summit but the preserve should not affect the operation of these facilities. There must be no expansion of these facilities.

The existing road to the summit must be preserved as is.

A wind development on Pink Mountain would require a substantial road to accommodate the thousands of construction vehicles that would be used. The Bear Mountain wind farm, located south of Fort St John, required 17000 truckloads of concrete alone. The existing road on Pink Mountain would need a total rebuild and this would destroy a majority of the important plants.

We propose that a new road be built from the base to the north end of Pink Mountain summit. This is unlikely to cost very much more than the rebuilding of the present road and would protect the south end of the mountain.

The present road would be permanently closed at the base of the mountain.



There is plenty of space for commercial development outside of the proposed preserve.




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