Pink Mountain's

Rare and Endangered Species

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Parnassius eversmanni SSP pinkensis


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To find out more about our efforts to make Pink Mountain an Ecological Reserve, please contact Ron Long for more information:

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Ron Long has just returned from a two week expedition to Pink Mountain, where he was able to photograph, catalog and map the positions of plant species on the summit plateau. Ron describes the wildflowers this year as being "spectacular".


The Road to Pink Mountain

The Pink Mountain Summit is reached from the Alaska Highway via a 23 km unimproved road. The road was built in the late 1950s to facilitate oil and gas exploration on Pink Mountain. Today the road is very rough and requires a high clearance vehicle. Travel to the summit is slow but not just because of the rocks and holes as there is a great deal to see along the way. Wildlife is abundant and birds, animals and numerous fascinating alpine plants are seen in some combination on every trip.

Plants have colonized the roadsides including important populations of rare and endangered plants. So the road itself has become critical plant habitat. Any rebuilding of the road would result in the destruction of many important species. The heavy trucks that carry fuel to the generators on the summit are destroying the road in places. This is a great concern because sooner or later the road will necessarily require reconstruction.


threats-road-Photo 1

The road is narrow and steep but safe.


threats-road-Photo 2

The road approaches from the East then climbs the south end of Pink Mountain.


threats-road-Photo 3


threats-road-Photo 4

Some sections become impassible in heavy rain.


threats-road-Photo 5

The rocky surface requires a high clearance vehicle.


threats-road-Photo 6


threats-road-Photo 7

The existing road would require total reconstruction in order to support the thousands of heavy vehicles required for the building of a wind farm. A new road that would protect the plants would not cost much more.


threats-road-Photo 8

The road runs the entire length of the summit.


threats-road-Photo 9

On the summit of Pink Mountain showing the wind prospectors test tower.




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